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"Auto Moto Parkas" - Motorsport activities park full of unique experiences.
Monster Truck, Rally Cars, Dirt Bike, Enduro

Auto Moto Parkas was established in 2010. It’s a “petrol-head” family owned business. The father of the family – Vidmantas Perminas is a car and motorcycle enthusiast – former motocross rider, currently enduro rider and Monster Truck/Monster Bus driver. The mother of the family – Živilė Perminienė is an adrenaline junkie that isn’t afraid of speed or sound of the Monsters, currently is the chef of Auto Moto Parkas Bistro. The son of the family – Lukas Perminas is a motocross rider – Lithuanian champion and a driver of Monster Truck and Monster Bus. The daughter of the family – Aistė Perminaitė is a rally driver that participates in Lithuanian Rally Car Championship and the main instructor at Auto Moto Parkas when it comes to rally cars’ activities. The idea of the park was a dream of the family’s father who made the basis for it and the rest of the family helped to move it forward.

Auto Moto Parkas vision is to be the most unique and innovative auto-moto entertainment place in Europe.
Auto Moto Parkas mission is a constant process of creating new ideas and making them come true.
Auto Moto Parkas values – uniqueness, innovativeness, and positive emotions

Monster Truck & Bus

Auto Moto Parkas works throughout the whole year but it’s most busy on weekends when it welcomes around 400 customers per one weekend. Auto Moto Parkas offers such facilities:
- Driving Monster Truck or having a ride with Monster Truck. Anyone who owns a B category license can drive Monster Truck. There is an instructor who sits next to you and helps you to control this beast. Monster Truck has 3 additional seats in the back where you can sit 3 of your family members or friends to have them on the same ride. If you don’t own a driving license, you can simply have a ride with Monster Truck where Auto Moto Parkas instructor is the one that drives.
- Driving Monster Bus or having a ride with Monster Bus. Anyone who owns a B category license can drive Monster Bus. There is an instructor who sits next to you and helps you to control it. Monster Bus has 7 additional seats in the back where you can sit 7 of your family members or friends to have them on the same ride. If you don’t own a driving license, you can simply have a ride with Monster Bus where Auto Moto Parkas instructor is the one that drives.

Monster bus truck pramogos (2).jpg

Rally Cars

- Driving BMW rally sport cars or having a ride with it. Anyone who owns a B category license can drive one of our 8 rally sport BMW cars. If you have no experience at all driving a rear-wheel driven car on gravel – you can get Auto Moto Parkas instructor sitting next to you and helping you to control this rally car. If you’re experienced or are brave enough to drive it alone – you can do so too. There is one additional seat, so you can have your friend or family member as a passenger throughout your ride. Choosing one or the other we highly suggest having a ride with a professional rally driver after you have done the ride on your own. The instructor will expose you all the abilities of the car and will show you how to drive BMW rally car at its best.

- Rally for KIDS. We also have BMW rally sport cars applicable for kids that reach 120 cm height. These cars have automatic gear box; therefore it is quite easily controlled by kids with theory we provide them before and during the ride. One of Auto Moto Parkas instructors sits next to the kids during the ride and helps them to make first steps towards driving a car!

- Sport driving lesson. We can also provide you with a sport driving lesson where you will get a balanced course with theory and practice. You will be introduced into rally, auto-cross and “drift” on gravel. After this lesson you will be skilled to drive fast and be able to slide sideways.


- Private “F-Race 200” race – we organize a race with 2000s cars such as honda civic, mazda 323 and similar. It’s a team-race, where your group of people is split into teams of 3 and you race for 2 hours in an endurance race. The winner team is the one that gets the greatest amount of laps after these 2 hours of racing. This is most popular among companies' team-building activities. We organize such race with minimum of 5 cars, so your group of people shouldn’t be composed of less than 15 persons. And it can be up to 100 people in total. More people – more cars – more fun!

- Duel Race – it’s a race 1 vs. 1 with 2000s cars such as the ones we you use for “F-Race 200” race – honda civic, mazda 323, etc). Your group of people is split into two teams. One member races against a member from the other team in a circuit track of 1 kilometer. The one that wins gets a point for his/her team. The team that gets more points (more wins) is the winner! Duel Race up to 10 people lasts for 1 hours. Duel Race with more than 10 people lasts for 2 hours. Each person gets to race around 6-10 times during this race time. This is most popular among bachelor/bachelorette parties or for smaller companies’ team-building.

F-Race 200 (cover).png


- Rally park – our whole area of 24 hectares is curved with gravel roads. Each time making a different turn it’s possible to have a 10 kilometer lap. Lithuania’s famous rally drivers that participate in Dakar such as V. Žala, B. Vanagas and others come to train and test their cars at our rally park. Nevertheless, you don‘t have to be a pro-driver and own a sport car to drive at our park. You can simply bring your daily car and have a ride with it on the same conditions as the pro-drivers. Rides with our BMW rally sport cars are also held in the same track of rally park. So if you don‘t have your own car you can rent one of our cars and have a ride with it. We also rent our rally park for other organizer‘s events.

- Enduro park – 5 kilometer length track for enduro motorcycles. The track has stone sections, wooden bridges above swamps, wooden ramps for jumps, wooden moto-scale above a canal, sections of standing tires and sections of laying tires, motocross track elements and more. You can rent our enduro park and practice your skills with your own motorcycle. We can also offer enduro lessons that will help you to overcome all of these artificial obstacles made at the enduro track.


- AMP Bistro – it’s Auto Moto Parkas restaurant which is ran by the mother of the family who is a passionate chef that gained cooking skills in Denmark and in Lithuania. Everything is fresh made at the restaurant, from home-made croissants to lamb cooked for 6 hours on “kazan” (or “qazan” not sure which one is correct).

AMP Bistro


We also organize different types of events for auto and moto sport fans as well as amateurs. We organize “F-Race 200” race with 2000s cars, we organize “AMP Enduro” event for enduro motorcycles, we organize different types of races for 4x4. We host a lot of parties and team-buildings for companies, birthday parties as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties.


By the way, Auto Moto Parkas has its own athletes:

“Auto Moto Parkas Rally Team” composed of 7 crews.

Auto Moto Parkas Enduro Team” composed of 5 enduro riders.

“Auto Moto Parkas Motocross Team” composed of 2 riders.

F-Race 200 Winners.jpg

If you want to book any of our services, contact us:
Address: 54.4469938, 24.4461378
Phone Number: +370 612 22492

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